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At EPiC, our commitment to project success goes beyond the conceptual and design phases. We understand that the seamless execution of projects hinges on the flawless coordination of materials, equipment, and documentation. That’s why, with every project we undertake, we dedicate a highly trained and proficient team to oversee these critical aspects, ensuring that all components align with your budget, arrive punctually, and that the handover documentation is meticulously completed.

Our comprehensive approach includes:

  1. Procurement Strategy and Implementation Plan Development: We develop a well-considered procurement strategy, tailored to the unique requirements of your project. This strategy includes meticulous planning, resource allocation, and risk management to ensure the procurement process aligns with your project’s goals and budget.

  2. Material Requisition Development and Management: Accurate and timely material requisitions are essential to project success. Our team handles the development and management of these requisitions, ensuring that the necessary materials are sourced efficiently, meet quality standards, and arrive precisely when needed.

  3. Contract/Subcontract Requisition Development and Management: The intricacies of contracts and subcontracts can be a significant challenge in project management. We take this burden off your shoulders by developing, overseeing, and managing these requisitions to guarantee that all contractual agreements are adhered to and aligned with the project’s timeline and budget.

  4. Bid/Evaluate/Award Management (or Support as Required): We manage the entire bid process, from issuing invitations to evaluating proposals and making award decisions. Alternatively, we can provide support and guidance to your in-house team, ensuring that this critical phase of the project proceeds smoothly and in compliance with industry best practices.

Our approach to project management is not just about design and construction; it’s about the meticulous orchestration of every element that contributes to the project’s overall success.
We believe that by managing the procurement and documentation aspects with the same level of excellence as the technical and construction components, we provide you with a holistic and reliable solution, ultimately resulting in the successful and timely delivery of your project.

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